The Desired African Safari Tour To Discover The Exhilarating Beauty
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Fully-Customizable Safari Adventures

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Choose an African Safari

customize any itinerary

Augustine’s Adventure Africa (AA Africa) has various Signature Itineraries designed to cater to your interests and desires. These itineraries are just samples that can be tailored to match your every wish and demand. However, if one of our itineraries suit you, please let us know which one it is. Before you decide, think of your main interests, whether bird watching, wildebeest migration, plants, cultural tourism or a combination.

Please also consider the time of the year during your adventure. Prices will vary depending on whether it’s a peak or low season. We’ll need to determine your accommodations once you know how many people will be travelling with you.

We have selected different levels of accommodations ranging from deluxe, luxury, ultra-luxury and classic tented camps. We do our best to accommodate every sort of budget. Each level has two or three itineraries, each with packages that vary in pricing considering everything that is involved.

All of our main tours/safaris are guided by a Professional Naturalist Guide. Learn more about our staff here!

To add to your adventure, you should consider a balloon safari in the Serengeti plains, Maasai Mara or Amboseli. Please use our booking form and let us discuss the logistics of your African Adventure!